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How to Redeem a Gift Card
How to Redeem a Gift Card
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Hello there! What great news to know that you have one of our Gift Cards. With it, you will have unlimited access to our Premium content on PlayKids+. 🤩

We hope this article will clarify all your doubts about how to redeem your gift card, so you can enjoy and have a great time with our carefully selected content for your little ones!

Just follow the steps below to start your journey with us:

2) If you do not have a PLAYKIDS+ account, click on the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" option;

3) Fill in the required fields, read and accept the terms. Then click on "SIGN UP.":

3.1. If you already have an account, click on the "LOGIN WITH EMAIL" option, enter your registered details, and click on "LOGIN";

4) Next, enter your coupon code and click on "Validate.":

5) After your coupon is validated, the message "Your coupon was successfully validated!" will appear;

6) Click on "Redeem Coupon.":

6.1) Depending on the coupon you received, a next screen may be displayed. This occurs because, after the free access period expires, there will be an automatic renewal. To complete the renewal, it is necessary to fill in the payment details. Simply fill in the fields below and click "Proceed":

7) All set! Your coupon has been successfully redeemed. Now just download PlayKids+ to explore all our content:

We hope you enjoy all our curated content! 💜

Do you have any questions and couldn't find the answer here? Send a message using the icon at the bottom right of the screen or email us at

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